Our Team

Dr. Cruz Dinis believes that teamwork is fundamental to obtain good results and satisfaction on the part of the patients after surgery.

All the team members, in spite of it being a multi-disciplinary group, have had specific training in each area by Dr. Cruz Dinis.

His team comprises doctors, nurses, surgical assistants, laboratory technicians, analysts, telephonists and receptionists.

Good training is vital in order to achieve the best outcome, and this training is both ongoing and state-of-the-art.

All details are planned and treated with professionalism so that, in addition to accomplishing the best results, patients are given maximum comfort, assistance and privacy. Dr. Cruz Dinis' team at each surgery comprises a doctor, 2 nurses and three surgical assistants.

Throughout an surgery, which can last from 5 to 10 hours, the entire team strives to be concerned with the circumstances of patients and tries to make them comfortable and in good condition at all times.

Dr. Cruz Dinis insists that only by means of a highly motivated, well-trained and professional team is it feasible to acquire and apply the skills of hair transplanting.


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Specific training by Dr. Cruz Dinis


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Our Team


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Strip Harvesting


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During a Follicular Unit Extraction


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