Dear Friend,

Making a decision to have a hair transplant is not easy since there are many doubts and some fears: Will it hurt? Does it really work? Will it look good? You can, of course, count on me to clarify your doubts, but I wish to begin by reminding you that time passes and it is impossible to restore the hair you had when you were 14 or 15 years old, however, by means of the current surgical techniques and sometimes in conjunction with medical treatment, I can offer an appearance that makes everyone think you never had a lack of hair.


One must understand that in the case of men, the balding procedure becomes more forceful between the ages of 20 and 40 years old, and diminishes considerably after the age of 55. Knowing that our donor area of follicular units is limited, I am against carrying out several long surgeries, as some say surgeries of "Mega sessions" or "Giga sessions". About 20 years of hair loss are involved and we must know how to manage this loss, so I am in favour of doing several surgeries using either the Strip Harvesting or the FUE technique - or even both - but spread out over several years, according to your requirements.

In this way, we do not exhaust the donor area supply and we monitor hair loss, filling in any such loss, always giving the hair a nice, natural look, as if you were not losing any hair. In future there will be other solutions for hair loss, however, we live in the present and not the future, and with the current techniques patients do not need to seem to be losing their hair.

I still contend that the art is more important than surgical techniques, and hair transplanting has to be an art in preference to technicality, because the best results can only be obtained in this perspective.


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Dr. Cruz Dinis

Dr. Cruz Dinis

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